AJEC – Volume 34 No 2, June 2009

In this issue:

  • Empowering teachers and children in early childhood
  • Teaching with technology: Innovations in the field
  • Stengthening relationships between Indigenous carers and families
  • Australian Early Development Index: Marginalising vulnerable children?
  • and more ...

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AJEC Volume 34 No. 02, June 2009

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AJEC Volume 34 Issue 02

Editorial – June 2009
Learning with technology for pre-service early childhood teachers (Free full-text available)
Bottling the good stuff: Stories of hospitality and yarnin' in a multi-racial kindergarten (Free full-text available)
Early childhood teachers in contexts of power: Empowerment and a voice
Video interactions for teaching and learning (VITAL): Analysing videos online to learn to teach early childhood mathematics
The Australian Early Development Index, who does it measure: Piaget or Vygotsky's child?
Marry the prince or stay with the family—that is the question: A perspective of young Korean immigrant girls on Disney marriages in the United States
Changing schools: How policy implementation can impact on the literacy learning of mobile students

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AJEC is changing its name ...
To reflect its diverse readership and commitment to international early childhood debate,
the Australian Journal of Early Childhood has recently changed its name to
the Australasian Journal of Early Childhood. Follow the link to learn more.

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