Exposing young children to music through the production and presentation of music-appreciation television programs

Hoi Yin Bonnie Yim
University of South Australia

This paper reports on a research study of the effectiveness of a series of music-appreciation activities for young children in Hong Kong. These activities were designed using world music and were presented as part of a local early childhood television program for community interest. One-hundred-and-sixty-eight local preschool children (mean age 4.25) and their classroom teachers, from 16 childcare centres or kindergartens, participated in this study. Qualitative data was collected using individual structured interviews with both children and teachers. The data showed that these music-appreciation activities enriched children's musical experiences and teachers' musical repertoires in early childhood settings. Teachers also showed positive preferences to learn the activities using multimedia tools. Implications for the curriculum planning and teacher training of early childhood music education are discussed.

Keywords: early childhood, music appreciation, world music, multimedia

Australian Journal of Early Childhood Volume 32 No 4 December 2007, pp. 12-17.

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