Storytelling as a means of reflecting on the lived experience of making curriculum in teacher education

Dawn Garbett
University of Auckland

Belinda Tynan
University of New England

(The authors would like it noted that this is one of several papers written collaboratively and the order of authorship is alternated.)

This paper describes how reflecting on our stories of teacher education practices facilitated a deepening appreciation of our impact on the quality of students' learning in a tertiary institution. In this paper, our description, analysis and re-interpretation of our experiences exemplify an effective approach for improving how we go about teaching teachers. Storytelling was the tool used to enable the authors to deepen their understanding of teacher-educator practices and promote a scholarly approach to curriculum development.

Keywords: reflection, teacher educators, storytelling, early childhood education

Australian Journal of Early Childhood Volume 32 No 1 March 2007, pp. 47-51.

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