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Early Childhood Australia Reconciliation Symposium

The Early Childhood Australia (ECA) Reconciliation Symposium 2017 will provide an authentic experience for educators to discuss reconciliation issues and create new ideas and actions that will make a difference within their educational settings and communities. Attendees at the ECA Reconciliation Symposium will learn about a culture dating back more than 40 000 years, and facilitated table discussions will lead to an atmosphere of dialogue, understanding and engagement between Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants.
The ECA Reconciliation Symposium brings the matter of reconciliation in early childhood into the spotlight and works towards a better future for all Australians.

Date: 5–6 May 2017
Venue: QT Hotel, Gold Coast, Queensland

Other Conferences and events

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Starting Early: Red Flags and Treatment Tips for Toddlers on the Autism Spectrum Online Seminar TBA/On demand
Make Words Sparkle for Preschoolers and Kindergarten Children: Bring Vocabulary to Life During Book Reading and Daily Interactions Online Seminar On demand
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Events by location

Australian Capital Territory

AIATSIS National Indigenous Research Conference 21–23 March 2017

7th SNAICC National Conference 12–14 September 2017


26th National VET (Vocational Education and Training) Research Conference 5–7 July 2017

New South Wales

Circle of Security Parenting Training Seminar 6–9 February 2017

Leading practice conference: ‘holding the risk’ in work with families 6–7 February 2017

ECI: Beyond Possibilities—Investing in the Future 25–26 May 2017

Voices in action: Empowering young people for positive change 10–12 August 2017


Circle of Security Parenting Training Seminar 20–23 February 2017

Building Bridges Conference 2017: A Regional Early Years Conference 11–12 May 2017

Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) Parent Engagement Conference Australia 6–8 June 2017

2018 AIFS Conference 25–27 July 2018


Circle of Security Parenting Training Seminar 13–16 February 2017

Early Childhood Australia Reconciliation Symposium 5–6 May 2017

Child Aware Approaches Conference 15–16 May 2017

Western Australia

Paediatric Nutrition Professional Development for Early Childhood Educators 6 September 2016

Circle of Security Parenting Training Seminar 21–24 November 2016


Conference of the International Society of Child Indicators (Montreal) 28–30 June 2017