The Australian Catholic University Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education

Learning, spanning from early childhood through to higher education, is at the centre of the empirical and conceptual studies we undertake at the Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education. We lead the way in cutting-edge, catalytic interventions, building evidence-based knowledge and identifying solutions that improve learning and quality of life for all people, especially those experiencing inequity, disadvantage, on the margins and at risk. Our research knowledge generation is wide-ranging and includes assessment, digital technologies, changing communication practices, the role of play in children’s learning, literacy and numeracy, learning in the curriculum and teacher education.

Our eminent researchers identify and apply innovative methodologies and analytics to investigate problems of significance to twenty-first century teaching, learning and assessing. With the focus on large-scale research, and building and working with longitudinal datasets, our research aims to meet the scale necessary for providing evidence-based solutions for enhancing quality teaching and learning.

Partnerships feature prominently in our research: it is in partnerships with a wide range of agencies, authorities and international collaborators that we translate our research into policy and practice. Our partners range from government and private industry, national and international scholars, to peak organisations and schools. Our national and international collaborators work hand-in-hand with us as we strive for our ultimate goal: to improve student learning.

Visit our website to find out more about our researchers and research projects: We look forward to you partnering with us in our research, or joining us to hear about our research through our forums, seminars, conferences and news briefs.

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