Program overview

Please see below the 2017 Live Wires Forum program overview:

Day 1: Friday 24 November 2017

Time Session
9.00 am–10.00 am Registration and tea/coffee
10.00 am–10.10 am Welcome to Country
10.10 am–10.15 am Welcome and overview, Samantha Page
10.15 am–11.05 am International Keynote:  Professor Lydia Plowman, the University of Edinburgh
11.05 am–11.15 am Keynote Q&A
11.15 am–11.45 am Morning tea
11.45 am–12.25 pm Australian Keynote: Professor Leon Straker, Curtin University

The challenge of maintaining physical health and creating digital literacy in young children

12.25 pm–12.30 pm Keynote Q&A
12.30 pm–1.15 pm Panel: Digital innovations in early education—current and future directions, facilitated  by Clare McHugh 

1.15 pm–2.00 pm Lunch
2.00 pm–2.45 pm Spatial reasoning & STEM for early years

The New Australian Screen Time Guidelines for the Early Years

Tech play room

Tech, curriculum and STEM

2.45 pm–2.50 pm Break—room change opportunity
2.50 pm–3.35 pm Online before they can read – the new challenge of digital literacy and safety for children

Towards a ‘Digital Technology Statement—implications for educators’

Tech play room

Tech, curriculum and STEM

3.35 pm–4.05 pm Afternoon tea
4.05 pm–5.05 pm Panel: Ethical dilemmas created by how we use digital technology in early education, facilitated by Catharine Hydon

5.05 pm–5.15 pm Closing remarks, Samantha Page
5.15 pm Close of Day 1
5.30 pm–7.00 pm Networking drinks

Day 2: Saturday 25 November 2017 

Time Session
8.00 am–8.30 am Arrival coffee and tea
8.30 am–8.35 am Welcome and summary, Samantha Page
8.35 am–9.20 am Keynote – To be confirmed
A job of the future, world is changing what is the role of education?
9.20 am–10.00 am Australian Keynote: Professor Susan Edwards, Learning Sciences Institute of Australia (LSIA), Australian Catholic University

Digital media and popular culture in early childhood

10.00 am–10.10 am Keynote Q&A, facilitated by Samantha Page
10.10 am–10.40 am Morning tea
10.40 am–11.25 am Teaching languages –  Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA)

Engaging young girls and women in technology


Tech play room

Tech, literacy and art making space

11.25 am–11.30 am Break—room change opportunity
11.30 am–12.15 pm What are parents asking about?

Smiling Mind consultation session: Teaching mindfulness in the early years

Tech play room

Tech, literacy and art making space

12.15 pm–1.00 pm Lunch
1.00 pm–1.45 pm Early Years Coding and STEM – Resources and Programs from Museums Victoria

  • Jonathan Shearer
  • Catherine Way
Turning concerns to mindful practice, babies and tech

  • Dr Jordy Kaufman
Tech play room

Tech, literacy and art making space

1.45 pm–1.50 pm Break—room change opportunity
1.50 pm–2.50 pm Panel: Where to from here? Towards a digital technology statement, facilitated by Samantha Page

2.50 pm–3.30 pm Final remarks and closing address, Samantha Page

Please note: changes to the program can be made at any point at discretion of the conference organisers.