Every Child magazine – Healthy Children – Vol. 12 No. 2 2006


Challenges ahead for universal preschool
Alison Elliott

Letters to the Editor

Guest statement

Australia's greatest challenge
Jeff McMullen
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Who is eating our children? Fast-food sponsorship in schools
Professor Jane Kenway


Active children in care
Justen O'Connor

Healthy eating at the tuckshop
Libby McBride

Hop on board a Walking School Bus


What do kids think about their bodies?
Dr Laurel Bornholt and Cassandra Graham

Ergonomic issues: Children, backpacks and computers
Susan Charlton

Parents' Page

Gender effects of school uniforms
Sharn Rocco


Gnome-tracking vs. the sceptics: Experiential education in the early childhood setting
Dr Philip Payne
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Preparing children for positive sporting experiences
Dr Philip Morgan

Catching a moment to move with young children
Alice Brown
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Active play for young children: Are there cultural sensitivities?
Creina Porter and Gabrielle Fakhri

Recipe for success: Early childhood practitioners promoting healthy weight
Lesley King, Deanna Pagnini and Rachel Wilkenfeld


Michelle Ortlipp
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Book Reviews

Experiences in movement: Birth to age eight
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The blue day book for kids: A lesson in cheering yourself up

The little crooked house

Active children: Healthy now and later
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Food allergy in children: What to look our for, what to do and how to react
Merryn Netting, APD


Joan Fry, OBE 1920–2006
Adrienne Miles
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Children of families seeking asylum: The need to be vigilant about their rights
Pam Cahir

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