Every Child Magazine, Vol. 15 No 3. 2009


Building blocks for learning
Alison Elliot
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Guest Statement

Environments for young children
Jennifer Evans
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Minimal resources or rich repositories: Exploring desert learning environments for young children
Teresa Hutchins

'Only children can make secret places': Children's secret places in early childhood settings
Deb Moore

Working with what you have ...
Carmel Richardson
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Supporting young bilingual children: Nazma's story
Rose Drury
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Design matters: Assessing learning environments for young children
Sarah Scott

Glad-wrapped, containerised or free range kids
Alice Brown


The politics of play
Miriam Giugni
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Centre snapshot

Using the environment as a catalyst for learning
Debbie Cole

Creating learning environments
Meredith Regan

Interview with Janet: A story of resilience and teamwork
Margaret Sims


What is KidsMatter Early Childhood?

Professional development

Investing in your most valuable resource
National Childcare Accreditation Council

Team-based leadership: How to be strategic and achieve individual and group rewards
Richard Taffe


Geraldine Atkinson interview


What is whooping cough?
Mihaela Ivan


Early leaning for a sustainable environment
Deb Watson

Parent's page

Everyday learning together in the garden
Lyn Bower

Fridge Door

What's happening?

Book reviews

Baby gets dressed

In just one second

Big bad bushranger

Yikes! In seven wild adventures, who would you be?

Portfolios: Documenting a journey

The wrong book


Examining childhood through empowered lenses
Reesa Sorin

Every Child magazine – vol. 15 no. 3, 2009

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