Every Child magazine Vol. 10 No. 4 Spring 2004


An early childhood review? - Every Child Editor (PDF)
Alison Elliott
This article is available free online.

Guest Statement

Toward sustainable development
Justin Brown, Ambassador for the Environment to Australia


Mud pies and daisy chains: Connecting young children and nature (PDF)
Sue Elliott and Julie Davis
This article is available free online.

Intergenerational science: Grandparents encouraging children's natural curiosity
Beverley Jane and Jill Robbins

Wearing your underpants on the outside: Investigating children's hero play
Patrick O'Brien

Mini-beasts and secret wildlife: Facilitating local environmental learning experiences for children
Greg Reid

Caught in the closet: The silencing of sexuality in early childhood education
Anthony Semann

On a quest for science. Early childhood exhibits at Questacon: The National Science and Technology Centre
Melissa Lyne

Switched on to science
Lyn Bower

'Thinking and play' in a new way: Ideas technology in early childhood
Marilyn Fleer

Australian Early Childhood Developmental Index: Building better communities for children
Mary Sayers


Children's Week 2004 – a cause for celebration
Narelle Hargreaves

Parents Page:

Co-sleeping: Sharing a bed with your baby (PDF)
Robyn Leeson and Pam Linke
This article is available free online.


Maternal depression – does it matter to the kids? (PDF)
Anne Buist
This article is available free online.

Food for thought: Promoting healthy eating and healthy weight in early childhood
Alison Smith

Book Reviews:

Taming butterflies
Baby on board: Understanding what your baby needs
What makes a tree smile?
Fed up with ADHD – How food affects children and what you can do about it


Sharmila Nezovic, Early Childhood Education Presenter – Queensland Museum
Rebecca Meston

News and Views:

A little less conversation a bit more…music. The value of music in early childhood education
Jen Reid

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