Sand and water play

Creating sand pits that invite children's exploration
Young children spend much of their time in the sand pit. A number of issues need to be considered in developing a sand pit that supports children's learning and their interactions. Australia

Sand play: An integral part of early learning
Sand is an essential component of any developmentally appropriate play setting. It allows children to be involved however they want. There is no wrong way to play with this open-ended material. Canada

What do children learn from sand play?
Children play with sand differently and learn different things from sand play at each of the stages of their development. It is valuable for children from toddler hood through to school age. United States

Water play
Water play is fun for children. It can be soothing and stimulating, and can provide opportunities for experimentation and exploration in which children play and learn alone or alongside others. Australia

Water play - An important part of early learning
Playing with water provides real opportunities for children to develop maths and science concepts, hand–eye coordination and social skills. United States


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