Reggio Emilia

Reflections about Reggio Emilia-Its not about Art
An early childhood administrator's reflections on the preschools of Reggio Emilia. Themes include the teachers' respect for each child; teachers' emphasis on relationships and the importance of art as the medium chosen to represent children's thinking. United States

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If getting things right were easily done, we would hand the children a world in beautiful, highly functional condition. Given the work that lies ahead of them, we must give the children our support and the freedom to do it wrong at first - a lesson from Reggio Emilia. United States

Reggio Emilia gives priority to children with special rights
Children with "special rights" have priority in enrolling in the Reggio Emilia schools the environment for all children is adaptive and inclusive. Reggio Emilia staff believe that finding out what motivates a child is worth more than hundreds of meaningless exercises. United States


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