Connecting with practice – EYLF & NQS

The Connecting with practice – EYLF and NQS series of twelve short service practice and training videos

These professional learning vignettes feature short sequences of practice viewed from a range of EYLF and NQS perspectives. They provide educators who work alone or in small settings with a learning experience that mimics a professional group conversation. They may also be used as a professional learning tool in staff meetings or training institutions.


Discovering—Making Connections

This vignette shows three- and four-year-olds in a group setting using a rich learning area set up to explore the topic of animals. They use a light box, documentation... watch videos

Discovering—Storytime transition to naptime

This vignette shows four children who are four years old in family day care having story time and leading to getting ready for rest time. It depicts... watch videos

Discovering—Routines around lunch

This vignette takes place in the lead-up to lunch for two four-year-olds and two babies in a family day care home and focuses on health and hygiene, including wiping... watch videos

Opportunities for learning in natural spaces

This vignette shows a two-year-old and some three- and four-year-olds in an outdoor space in a group setting. Two experiences captured in the vignette are... watch videos

Relaxed conversation during fruit time

In this vignette a family day care educator talks with three children as they have breakfast/morning tea. She uses a variety of teaching strategies to support... watch videos

Discovering—Sustained, shared conversation with children

This vignette shows four-year-olds in a group setting examining and having a rich conversation with an educator about birdseed. They discuss different types of seeds and... watch videos

Discovering—What do you see?

This vignette shows an educator, a four-year-old and a baby interacting with a mirror in a family day care setting. It also features the children dressing up... watch videos

Engaging with babies and toddlers

This vignette shows babies and toddlers in a group setting interacting with educators and engaging in a range of play and learning experiences. Educators are demonstrating... watch videos

Learning about negotiation in play

This vignette shows four children who are three and four years old in a family day care setting working out who gets to participate in a... watch videos


This vignette shows lunchtime with four three- and four-year-old children in a family day care setting. One child resists sitting down at the table for lunch. The educator works with... watch videos

Discovering—Making music

This vignette shows several children engaged with a very creative outdoor music using pots and pans for sound station. This simple innovation connects the children with making music, imagination... watch videos

Children playing with cars and trucks

This vignette takes place in the outdoor environment in a child care centre. The children are playing in a planned, outdoor play space with dirt,... watch videos

Finger painting

This vignette shows two 4 year olds doing finger painting on a table using different colours of paints. The vignette demonstrates sustained interaction between two children and a family... watch videos

Story reading with three children

This vignette shows an educator reading a book with 3 to 4 year olds. Creating small, open interactions with each child that support the acquisition of... watch videos

Sandpit play

This vignette shows an educator engaging with and supervising groups of children of mixed ages, three to five year olds, playing in the sandpit with implements. An outdoor activity... watch videos

Doing your own thing—Child's agency

This vignette shows a child being given a sense of agency by having the freedom to choose to dance on her own indoors while an educator... watch videos

Working in a community garden

This vignette shows the value of small group experiences of four-year-olds working with their educator in a community garden near their centre. It also features the... watch videos

Discussing a drawing of a watermelon

This vignette is of a one-to-one conversation between an educator and a child about his drawing of a watermelon in the community garden where they... watch videos

Word game

This vignette is of a structured game led by an educator with a group of three-year-olds where they are identifying the number of syllables in words. It promotes literacy,... watch videos

Rolling in a tyre

This vignette shows four children with an educator using a tyre to do somersaults. It promotes children's experiences through collaborative experiences, physical skills and coordination and also... watch videos

Folding washing

This vignette shows an educator and a child folding washing while two other children play nearby. It also features ordinary everyday tasks to be used for children’s learning and... watch videos

Enjoying the vegetable garden

This vignette shows an educator and three children outside focusing on a small vegetable garden in the educator's backyard. It also shows the value of small groups... watch videos

Respecting and responding to children

This vignette shows an educator and three children playing and interacting outside. It also features responding to children's interests, giving choices and finding reasonable solutions and... watch videos

Plastic cups

This vignette shows an educator and one child examining some plastic containers, talking about their properties and identifying ones that can be recycled. It also features authentic learning opportunities... watch videos

Car Factory

This vignette shows two children interacting with each other and with an educator to create a car from a cardboard box. It also features children's interactions and collaborations and... watch videos

The Café

This vignette shows several four-year-olds playing in a well set up cafe. It also features richness and variety of learning possible in dramatic play and linking experiences in the... watch videos

Mint tea and a chat

This brief vignette captures an interesting interaction and conversation between Aisha (two years, ten months) and Lauren (22 months), as they wait for morning tea. It... watch videos

Hand and shirt washing

This vignette shows two examples of interactions between an educator and a child: one during hand washing and drying and one when a child is trying to... watch videos

Welcome, an invitation and a brief chat with a parent

This very brief vignette is of a child and parent arriving at preschool. The educator welcomes them both and has a... watch videos

Feeling better, with help

This brief vignette shows an educator comforting a young child who is feeling a bit unwell. An example of a common occurrence in any care and education... watch videos

Counting flowers

This brief vignette shows a four-year-old picking flowers, an experience that the educators use as a numeracy activity. It promotes educators' communication to support learning and using opportunities to... watch videos

Samples from the Garden: a show and tell experience

This vignette is of a show and tell experience in a pre-prep group (Western Australia) of four- to six-year-olds. It features characteristics... watch videos

A very young child putting a bib on a doll

This vignette is a brief example of a child just over one-year-old attempting to put a bib on a doll.... watch videos

Young toddlers' learning

This vignette shows several young toddlers using a rich learning environment in a variety of ways. It also features the role of the physical environment in supporting learning... watch videos

Marking with coloured pencils

This vignette shows a toddler using coloured pencils to draw and her interactions with an educator. It also shows learning opportunities for young toddlers, impact of physical... watch videos

Worms are fun!

This vignette shows several children and an educator examining worms in a worm farm. It also features encouraging children's thinking, educator's engagement, children's engagement and balancing asking questions... watch videos

Making salad

This vignette shows an educator and children cutting herbs from their garden and then using them to make a salad. It also features various ways that educators’ verbal communication... watch videos

Discussing butterflies’ markings

This vignette shows using an image on an iPad™, an educator and several four-year-old children discuss protective markings on a butterfly’s wings. It also features tone, content... watch videos

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