Cultural competency

Cultural competency

Cultural competency is one of the eight areas of practice in the Early Years Learning Framework. Cultural competency is about interactions and attitudes. It is how we honour and celebrate diversity when working with families and children. When we are being culturally competent we appreciate and live with difference and we are aware of what we gain from acknowledging differences.

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This Talking about practice video has three parts. In the first part Jo Goodwin and Judy Radich will discuss about cultural competency and how our own identity and culture impact on our daily interactions with families and children. The second part will take into account the past history of Aboriginal Australia and the role plays in the process of moving forward and engaging in a process of true Reconciliation. The last part will look at the Quality Improvement Plan and how to document your progress in cultural competency.

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These e-Learning Videos have been designed for educators and students to use together at educator planning, meeting times and or/for training purposes. They are designed for educators to have rich discussion about their own practices and their connections to the NQS. Each service will find their own way to promote discussion, reflection, review and revisit practices, as they negotiate a number of ways the presentations can be used.

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