‘I can do it!’ Supporting babies’ sense of agency

'I can do it!' Supporting babies' sense of agency

Belinda George is an educator in an early learning service in Melbourne who also has responsibility for ongoing professional learning for her colleagues and is a part-time lecturer at TAFE. In this Talking about practice, she has a conversation with Anne Stonehouse about the concept of babies’ agency, what it looks like and what educators can do to promote it in everyday learning experiences.

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This Talking about practice video has three parts. Each part contains a conversation and some vignettes showing the ideas in practice.
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These e-Learning Videos have been designed for educators and students to use together at educator planning, meeting times and or/for training purposes. They are designed for educators to have rich discussion about their own practices and their connections to the NQS. Each service will find their own way to promote discussion, reflection, review and revisit practices, as they negotiate a number of ways the presentations can be used.

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