Reflecting on practice

Reflecting on practice

‘Reflective practice’ is one of the five key principles that the EYLF identifies as underpinning effective early childhood pedagogy or educational practice. Reflective practice involves educators, whatever their background or setting, closely examining their ethics, philosophy and decision-making processes. This video is designed to support discussion and reflection about the EYLF and its relationship to what educators in varied settings currently think, plan and do.

Part 1: A philosophy of respect - Reconciliation and relationships

Part 2: Theories behind our work - Socio-cultural theory, the role of the educator, learning through interactions

Part 3: Teaching from children's interests - seeing the possibilities, having long term plans, spontaneous interactions

Part 4: Small group learning - structuring the day, focusing on literacy, sustaining children's engagement, building concern for the environment and positive attitudes to sustainability

How to Use this e-Learning Video

These e-Learning Videos have been designed for educators and students to use together at educator planning, meeting times and or/for training purposes. They are designed for educators to have rich discussion about their own practices and their connections to the EYLF. Each service will find their own way to promote discussion, reflection, review and revisit practices, as they negotiate a number of ways the presentations can be used.

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