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The Australasian Journal of Early Childhood (AJEC) is Australasia’s foremost scholarly journal and the world’s longest-running major journal within the early childhood field. Published quarterly, AJEC offers evidence-based articles that are designed to impart new information and encourage the critical exchange of ideas among early childhood practitioners, academics and students.

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Just announced …

2018 AJEC Research Symposium

Politics, power and agency in early childhood education

Early Childhood Australia (ECA) is pleased to announce the 2018 AJEC  Research Symposium, located in Brisbane from 16–17 February 2018, in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

We invite early childhood practitioners, academics, policy makers and students to exchange ideas, innovative research methodologies and findings. The symposium will also discuss the latest research and pedagogical practice from the longest running and most highly regarded academic journal produced by ECA—the Australasian Journal of Early Childhood (AJEC).

We welcome students, academics, researchers and practitioners at all levels from around the world to participate and come together to share cutting-edge knowledge and forge research networks in Australasia and beyond.

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