AJEC Vol. 28 No. 1 March 2003

In this issue:

  • Editorial
    Lyn Fasoli and Jennifer Sumsion
  • From bad to worse?: A troubling development in preschool settings
    Jo-Anne Reid
  • Children’s views and children’s voices in starting school
    Sue Dockett And Bob Perry
  • Reflections on doing research with young children
    Lyn Fasoli
  • Researching with children: lessons in humility, reciprocity and community
    Jennifer Sumsion
  • The more he looked inside the more Piglet wasn’t there: What adopting a sociocultural perspective can help us see
    Jill Robbins
  • Research with children: A rich glimpse into the world of childhood
    Reesa Sorin
  • Eclipsing voice in research with young children
    Glenda McNaughton
  • Book review: Rethinking Gender in Early Childhood Education
    Brian Newman

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