AJEC Vol. 28 No. 2 June 2003

In this issue:

  • The more he looked inside the more Piglet wasn’t there: What adopting a sociocultural perspective can help us see
    Jill Robbins
  • Sharing the lived experiences of children
    Leonie Arthur, Bronwyn Beecher, Cathie Harrison and Christine Morandini
  • Preschooler response to pre recorded music in three different situations
    Peter deVries
  • Changing times: Changing challenges for early childhood leaders
    Margot Boardman
  • One size doesn’t fit all: Patterns of pre-primary teacher policy engagement
    Lennie Barblett
  • Transitioning children from early childhood education to school: Teacher beliefs and practices
    Helen Timperley, Stuart McNaughton, Lin Howie and Viviane Robinson
  • Teacher and student perspectives of school readiness
    Monica Cuskelly and Nicole Detering

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