AJEC Vol. 28 No. 3 September 2003

In this issue:

  • Editorial
    Chris Kilham
  • Transcript: Roots and branches: Comparing child care policymaking in the US and Australia
    Sonya Michel
  • Grandparents as regular care providers: Unrecognised, undervalued and under-resourced
    Joy Goodfellow
  • The Tooth Fairy comes, or is it just your Mum and Dad?: A child’s construction of knowledge
    Helen Hedges and Joy Cullen
  • SUPS workers’ perspectives of child care quality
    Margaret Sims
  • Developing quality sociodramatic play in the classroom for young children with language delays
    Nicki McCullough Calabrese
  • Parental perceptions of computer-based gaming technology: An evaluation of children’s leisure pursuits in the computer age
    Belinda Clayton
  • Children talk about their early experiences at school
    Gillian Potter and Freda Briggs
  • Indigenous parents’ ratings of the importance of play, Indigenous games and language, and early childhood education
    Vickii Jenvey, Lydia Windisch and Marlene Drysdale
  • Book review: Reframing the early childhood curriculum: Educational imperatives for the future
    Marilyn Fleer

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