AJEC Vol. 28 No. 4 December 2003

In this issue:

  • Transcript: Valuing children
    Louise Porter
  • Early childhood teachers’ knowledge of teaching children with disabilities
    Pam Kilgallon and Carmel Maloney
  • Sharing care and education: Parents’ perspectives
    Roslyn Elliott
  • An integrated approach to teaching social skills to preschoolers at risk
    Rhonda Buford and Dolores Stegelin
  • Assessment of the early childhood practicum: What can we learn from tertiary supervisors’ silences?
    Michelle Ortlipp
  • Are we asking the right question when we ask ‘Is child care bad for children?’
    Margaret Sims
  • Fundamental movement skills: Teachers’ perspectives
    Marie Martin and Beth Hands
  • Fundamental movement skills: Children’s perspectives
    Beth Hands and Marie Martin
  • How working parents cope with the care of sick young children
    Harold Bear, Frances Lovejoy and Ann Daniel
  • Book review: Worms, shadows and whirlpools: Science in the early childhood classroom
    Marilyn Fleer

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