AJEC Vol. 30 No. 1 March 2005

In this issue:

  • Theorising in progress: An ethical journey: Rights, relationships and reflexivity
    Jane Bone
  • Gender, the labour market, the workplace and policy in children’s services: Parent, staff and student attitudes
    Michael Lyons, Andrea Quinn and Jennifer Sumsion
  • Governance of children’s everyday spaces
    Charlotte Cobb, Susan Danby and Ann Farrell
  • Teacher understandings of and commitment to gender equity in the early childhood setting
    Kerrin Lee-Thomas, Jennifer Sumsion and Susan Roberts
  • Mentoring preservice teachers in the preschool setting: Perceptions of the role
    Jackie Walkington
  • Half-days or full days of kindergarten? How and why parents decide
    Margot Boardman
  • Teacher–parent partnerships: Sharing understandings and making changes in a kindergarten community
    Helen Hedges, Nicola Billman and Catherine Geddes
  • Children’s and family services working together
    Jane Woodruff and Jon O’Brien
  • Book review: ‘Early childhood environmental education: Making it mainstream’
    Amy Cutter-Mackenzie

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