AJEC Vol. 30 No. 2 June 2005

In this issue:

  • Developmental fossils—unearthing the artefacts of early childhood education: The reification of ‘Child Development’
    Marilyn Fleer
  • The normalised child: A non-traditional psychological framework
    Leonid Grebennikov
  • Response to ‘The normalised child’
    Nicola Chisnall
  • ‘Queerying’ gender: Heteronormativity in early childhood education
    Kerry Robinson
  • What cortisol levels tell us about quality in childcare centres
    Margaret Sims, Andrew Guilfoyle and Trevor Parry
  • Staff shortages in children’s services: Challenging taken-for-granted discourses
    Jennifer Sumsion
  • The Communication Accretion Spiral: A communication process for promoting and sustaining meaningful partnerships between families and early childhood staff
    Roslyn Elliott

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