AJEC Vol. 35 No. 3 September 2010

In this issue:

  • Family day care is for normal kids: Facilitators and barriers to the inclusion of children with disabilities in family day care
  • Findings from an evaluation of an intervention targeting Australian parents of young children with attachment issues: The ‘Through the looking glass’ project
  • Exploring transition through collective biographical memory work: Considerations for parents and teachers in early childhood education
  • What will my teacher be like? Picture storybooks about starting school
  • Early childhood teachers’ understandings of and provision for quality
  • Curriculum implementation: Decisions of early childhood teachers
  • Early childhood professionals as a source of social support: The role of parent–professional communication
  • Culturally strong childcare programs for Indigenous children, families and communities
  • Promoting children’s social and emotional wellbeing in childcare centres within low socioeconomic areas: Strategies, facilitators and challenges
  • The Effects of the Art Education Program on Drawing Skills of Six-Year-Old Gifted Children in the High Socio-Economic Status in Turkey
  • Constructing leadership in child care: Epistemological beliefs and transformational leadership
  • Influences of the family and childcare food environments on preschoolers’ healthy eating
  • What does being an early childhood ‘teacher’ mean in tomorrow’s world of children and family services?
  • Gender and leadership styles in children’s play
  • Exploring engagement at ArtPlay: What factors influence the engagement of children and families in an artist-led community-based workshop?
  • ‘I want to play when I go to school’: Children’s views on the transition to school from kindergarten.

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