AJEC Vol. 35 No. 4 December 2010

In this issue:

  • Finding a voice for child participants within doctoral research: Experiences from the field
  • Mentoring pre-service teachers: A case study
  • Children’s transition to school: Voices of Bangladeshi parents in Sydney, Australia
  • Licensing and regulation of Indigenous childcare services
  • Effects of self-monitoring on the classroom preparedness skills of kindergarten students at-risk for developmental disabilities
  • Working together for Toby: Early childhood student teachers engaging in collaborative problem-based learning around child abuse and neglect
  • The implications of poverty on children’s readiness to learn
  • Friendship, exclusion and power: A study of two South Australian schools with new arrivals programs
  • Incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing in early education for Indigenous children
  • Adding new possibilities for visual art education in early childhood settings: The potential of interactive whiteboards and ICT
  • Going on a turtle egg hunt and other adventures: Education for sustainability in early childhood
  • Culture-switching in different worlds: Young children’s transition experiences.

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