AJEC Vol. 37 No. 1 March 2012

In this issue:

  • Teacher design of technology for emergent literacy: An explorative feasibility study
    Susan McKenney and Joke Voogt
  • Levelling the playing field for kindergarten entry: Research implications for preschool early literacy instruction
    Georgia Callaghan and Alison Madelaine
  • Social learning, language and literacy
    Ian Hay and Ruth Fielding-Barnsley
  • Toddlers as mathematicians?
    Shiree Lee
  • Teacher beliefs and practices of kindergarten teachers in Hong Kong
    Chi-hung Leung
  • Behind before they begin: The challenge of Early childhood education in rural China
    Renfu Luo, Linxiu Zhang, Chengfang Liu, Qiran Zhao, Yaojiang Shi, Scott Rozelle and Brian Sharbono
  • Hands-on parent support in positive guidance: Early childhood professionals as mentors
    Laura McFarland-Piazza and Rachel Saunders
  • The advocacy of educators: Perspectives from early childhood
    Zinnia Mevawalla and Fay Hadley
  • Early childhood professionals and inter-professional work in intergrated early childhood services in Australia
    Sandie Wong, Jennifer Sumsion and Frances Press
  • The intersection of physical activity opportunities and the role of early childhood educators during outdoor play: Perceptions and reality
    Janet Dyment and Bianca Coleman
  • Experiences of Congolese refugee families in NZ: Challenges and possibilities for early childhood provision
    Linda Mitchell and Amondi Ouko
  • Young school-aged children’s behaviour and their care arrangements after school
    Kym Simoncini, Nering Caltabiano and Michelle Lasen
  • Diversity in preschool: Defusing and maintaining differences
    Annica Löfdahl and Solveig Hägglund
  • Professionals don’t play: Challenges for early childhood educators working in a transdisciplinary early intervention team
    Tamara Cumming and Sandie Wong
  • Creative technologies as a conduit for learning in the early years
    Susan McDonald and Jennifer Howell
  • How do immigrant parents support preschool bilingual heritage language development in a role play context?
    Liang Li
  • Interrogating the spiritual as constructed in Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia
    Jan Grajczonek
  • These children arent creative: Insights from beginning teachers’ on early childhood arts education
    Susanne Garvis

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