AJEC Vol. 37 No. 2 June 2012

In this issue:

  • Practitioners’ views on involving young children in decision making: Challenges for the children’s rights agenda
    Kim Hudson
  • It’s not rocket science: The perspectives of Indigenous early childhood workers on supporting the engagement of Indigenous families in early childhood settings
    Rebekah Grace and Michelle Trudgett
  • Standpoints on quality: Listening to children in Verona, Italy
    Deborah Harcourt and Valentina Mazzoni
  • It’s in the bag: Parental involvement in a numeracy at-home program
    Tracey Muir
  • The role of community-based playgroups in building relationships between pre-service teachers, families and the community
    Laura McFarland-Piazza, Alison Lord, Melissa Smith and Belinda Downey
  • Reframing early childhood leadership
    Elizabeth Stamopoulos
  • Case management of young children with behaviour and mental health disorders in school
    Graeme Browne, Andrew Cashin and Iain Graham
  • Don’t forget to pack my EpiPen® please: What issues does food allergy present for children’s starting school?
    Prathyusha Sanagavarapu
  • Children’s strategies for making friends when starting school
    Susan Danby, Catherine Thompson, Maryanne Theobald and Karen Thorpe
  • The association between playgroup participation, learning competence and social-emotional wellbeing for children aged four–five years in Australia
    Kirsten Hancock, David Lawrence, Francis Mitrou, David Zarb, Donna Berthelsen, Jan Nicholson and Stephen Zubrick
  • Support for quality delivery of outside school hours care: A case study
    Kym Simoncini and Michelle Lasen
  • Chinese parents’ perspectives on home–kindergarten partnership: A narrative research
    Feiyan Chen and Joseph Agbenyega
  • Building foundations for numeracy: A qualitative analysis of the basic concept knowledge demonstrated by young deaf children
    Karen Kritzer
  • Image as language: Teacher-created photographs and visual literacy for English language learning
    Susan Britsch
  • What is going on in early years music planning? A study of early years teachers’ weekly plans
    Susanne Garvis
  • Under-fives swimming as a site for capital building: Supporting and enhancing transitions
    Robyn Jorgensen
  • Retained primary reflexes in pre-primary-aged Indigenous children: The effect on movement ability and school readiness
    Deborah Callcott
  • How we view our theoretical competency: Early childhood pre-service teachers’ self-evaluation of a professional placement experience
    Joseph Agbenyega

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