AJEC Vol. 37 No.3 September 2012

In this issue:

  • Editorial
    Margaret Sims
  • The quality imperative: Tracing the rise of ‘quality’ in Australian early childhood education and care policy
    Helen Logan, Frances Press and Jennifer Sumsion
  • Hearing parents’ and carers’ voices: Experiences of accessing quality long day care in northern regional Australia
    Nonie Harris and Beth Tinning
  • The transition to school of children with developmental disabilities: Views of parents and teachers
    Sue Walker, Jan Nicholson, Suzanne Carrington, Stephanie Dunbar, Kirstine Hand, Chrystal Whiteford, Katrina Meldrum and Donna Berthelsen
  • Relational aggression and prosocial behaviours in Australian preschool children
    Cara Swit and Anne McMaugh
  • Young school-aged children’s behaviour and their participation in extra-curricular activities
    Kym Simoncini and Nerina Caltabiono
  • Teaching for creativity: Examining the beliefs of early childhood teachers and their influence on teaching practices
    Rebecca Hun Ping Cheung
  • Yarning space: Leading literacy learning through family–school partnerships
    Beverley Flückiger, Pat Diamond and Will Jones
  • Using ‘Slowmation’ for intentional teaching in early childhood centres: Possibilities and imaginings
    Marilyn Fleer and Garry Hoban
  • Learner engagement: Has the child been lost in translation?
    Deborah Harcourt and Deb Keen
  • Tensions in incorporating global childhood with early childhood programs: The case of South Africa
    Hasina Ebrahim
  • New possibilities in thinking, speaking and doing: Early childhood teachers’ professional identity constructions and ethics
    Louise Thomas
  • Inclusive childcare services: Meeting the challenge for Indigenous children
    Margaret Sims, Sherry Saggers and Katie Frances
  • What number knowledge do children have when starting kindergarten in NSW
    Peter Gould
  • Repeating patterns: Strategies to assist young students to generalise the mathematical structure
    Elizabeth Warren, Jodie Millar and Thomas Cooper
  • Developing the understanding of the role of interpersonal interaction in early literacy development: A case study of Thai public preschool
    Sunanta Klibthong
  • Negotiating and creating intercultural relations: Chinese immigrant children in New Zealand early childhood education centres
    Karen Guo and Carmen Dalli
  • Young children’s beliefs about including others in their play: Social and moral reasoning about inclusion and exclusion*
    Broiny Wainman, Sue Walker, Jo Brownlee, Gillian Boulton-Lewis, Charlotte Cobb, Chrystal Whiteford and Eva Johnsson
  • Literacy Trails: A whole-of-community program to encourage literacy and numeracy awareness for children in preschool and early primary
    Alison Ollerenshaw

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