AJEC Vol. 37 No. 4 December 2012

In this issue:

  • Editorial
    Margaret Sims
  • A critical analysis of the National Quality Framework: Mobilising for a vision for children beyond minimum standards
    Marianne Fenech, Miriam Giugni and Kathryn Bown
  • Factors affecting the transition to school for young children with disabilities
    Janice Schischka, Catherine Rawlinson and Richard Hamilton
  • Getting the balance right: The challenge of balancing praise and correction for early school years children who exhibit oppositional and defiant behaviour
    Barry Fields
  • Interaction or interruption? Five child-centred philosophical perspectives
    Susan Widger and Anne Schofield
  • Metacommunication, social pretend play and children with autism
    Susan Douglas and Lesley Stirling
  • Watching the children watching Play School: Indicators of engagement, play and learning
    Cathie Harrison
  • The role of teaching poetry in developing literacy in Greek primary school: A case study
    Evagelia Aravani
  • Parents’ perspectives of the home–school interrelationship: A study of two Hong Kong–Australian families
    Pui Li Wong
  • Shifting pedagogies through distributed leadership: Mentoring Chilean early childhood educators in literacy teaching
    Michael Singh, Jinghe Han and Christine Woodrow
  • Preschool children’s transition to formal schooling: The importance of collaboration between teachers, parents and children
    Helen Skouteris, Brittany Watson and Jarrad Lum
  • Exploring current arts practice in kindergartens and preparatory classrooms
    Susanne Garvis
  • Active versus passive screen time for young children
    Penelope Sweetser, Daniel Johnson, Anne Ozdowska and Peta Wyeth
  • Is quality more important if you’re quirky? A review of the literature on a differential susceptibility to childcare environments
    Elspeth Davis, Areana Eivers and Karen Thorpe
  • Boys’ bodies in early childhood
    Murray Drummond
  • Value of play as an early learning instrument in Bangladesh context: A social-cultural study
    Nurun Nahar Chowdhury and Corine Rivalland
  • Creating polyphony with exploratory web documentation in Singapore
    Sirene Lim and Lum Chee Hoo
  • An international perspective on regulated family day care systems
    Elise Davis, Ramona Freeman, Gillian Doherty, Malene Karlsson, Liz Everiss, Jane Couch, Lyn Foote, Patricia Murray, Kathy Modigliani, Sue Owen, Sue Griffin, Martha Friendly, Grace McDonald, India Bohanna, Lara Corr, Lisa Smyth, Elisabeth Ianke Mørkeseth, Sissel Morreaunet, Mari Ogi, Sumi Fukukawa and Jutta Hinke-Rahnau
  • Family Day Care in Australia: A systematic review of research (1996–2010)
    India Bohanna, Elise Davis, Lara Corr, Naomi Priest and Huong Tan

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