AJEC Vol. 38 No. 1 March 2013

In this issue:

  • Editorial
    Margaret Sims
  • Social competencies and the Early Years Learning Framework: Understanding critical influences on educator capacity
    Lesley Jones and Deborah Harcourt
  • So what happens after the event? Exploring the realisation of professional development with early childhood educators
    Sue Inglis and Alice Brown
  • The interface of the national Australian curriculum and the pre-Year 1 class in school: Exploring tensions
    Anne Petriwskyj, Lyndal O’Gorman and Tuija Turunen
  • Books, bytes and brains: The implications of new knowledge for children’s early literacy learning
    Liza Hopkins, Julie Green and Fiona Brookes
  • How do you make a bear look like a butterfly? Exploring the Metropolitan Opera’s production of Mozart’s Magic flute with a group of preschool children
    Berenice Nyland, Aleksandra Acker, Jill Ferris and Jan Deans
  • Exploring a methodology with young children: Reflections on using the Mosaic and Ecocultural approaches
    Kelly Baird
  • Once you’ve built some trust: Using playgroups to promote children’s health and wellbeing for families from migrant backgrounds
    Deborah Warr, Rosemary Mann, Danielle Forbes and Colleen Turner
  • How we view Australian early childhood education practice: Indian migrant parents’ perspectives
    Sweta Patel and Joseph Agbenyega
  • Integrated services for Aboriginal children and families
    Libby Lee-Hammond
  • Promoting the development of children’s emotional and social wellbeing of children in early childhood settings: How can we enhance the capability of educators to fulfil role expectations?
    Elizabeth Temple and Susan Emmett
  •  Diversifying early years professional learning—one size no longer fits all
    Margaret Anne Carter and Caroline Fewster
  • Researching ECEC professional development: Using Kelly’s repertory grid to examine changes in educators’ constructs about curriculum design in early childhood settings
    Di Nailon
  •  Leadership development during times of reform
    Sylvana Fenech
  • Playing with maths: Facilitating the learning in play-based learning
    Caroline Cohrssen, Amelia Church, Karin Ishimine and Collette Tayler
  • Young Learners: Defining literacy in the early years—a contested space
    Bridie Raban and Janet Scull
  • Early childhood facility staff knowledge and confidence with food allergy management: A preliminary study
    Judy Mullan, Warren Rich, Catharine Fleming and Irene Kreis

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