AJEC Vol. 38 No. 2 June 2013

In this issue:

  • Editorial
    Margaret Sims
  • Teachers’ perceptions of their abilities to be educational leaders in Victorian childcare settings
    Max Grarock and Anne-Marie Morrissey
  • The quality of early childhood education and care services in Australia
    Collette Tayler, Karin Ishimine, Dan Cloney, Gordon Cleveland and Karen Thorpe
  • Young gifted children transitioning into preschool and school: What matters?
    Anne Grant
  • Teacher education, teaching experience and bullying policies: Links with early childhood teachers’ perceptions and attitudes to bullying
    Ola Goryl, Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett and Naomi Sweller
  • A comparison of segregated and integrated infant and toddler programs in one childcare centre
    Lynne Rutherford and Victoria Whitington
  • What are children learning in early childhood education in New Zealand?
    Ken Blaiklock
  • The animal as fourth educator: A literature review of animals and young children in pedagogical relationships
    Jane Bone
  • Using children’s representations to investigate meaning-making in mathematics
    Amy MacDonald
  • A cultural-historical construction of safety education programs for preschool children: Findings from SeeMore Safety, the pilot study
    Susie O’Neill, Marilyn Fleer, Joseph Agbenyega, Joanne Ozanne-Smith and Megan Urlichs
  • The Victorian Early Years Learning and Developmental Framework: Managing change in a complex environment
    Susanne Garvis, Donna Pendergast, Danielle Twigg, Bev Flückiger, Harry Kanasa, Carmel Phillips, Maggie Bishop, Kerryn Lockett and Darlene Leach
  • Rethinking the professional development policy for early childhood education in Hong Kong
    Pan He and Dora Ho
  • Family members’ memories about starting school: Intergenerational aspects
    Tuija Turunen and Sue Dockett
  • Which agenda? Inclusion movement and its impact on early childhood education in Hong Kong
    Kaili Chen Zhang
  • A comparison of early childhood preservice teachers’ beliefs about music and developmentally appropriate practice between South Korea and the US
    Hae Kyoung Kim

The complete issue of AJEC 1302 is available free online in PDF format.