AJEC Vol. 38 No. 3 September 2013

In this issue:

  • Editorial
    Berenice Nyland
  • Odd alliances: Working theories on ‘unintended consequences’ of early childhood education in Aotearoa, New Zealand
    Sue Stover
  • Lived childhood experiences: Collective storytelling for teacher professional learning and social change
    Louise Taylor
  • Self-authored e-books: Expanding young children’s literacy experiences and skills
    Mary-Jane Shuker and Lisa Terreni
  • The PhotoStory method as a legitimate research tool in evaluations: More than a nice story
    Grace Skrzypiec, Rosalind Harvey-Murray and Susan Krieg
  • Attitudes of preschool teachers in Northern Greece on children and TV viewing
    Sophia Theodosiadou and Angelos Markos
  • Pedagogies of inclusive transition to school
    Anne Petriwskyj
  • Conceptions of learning in pre-service and in-service early childhood education students and the impact of teaching experience
    Chi-hung Leung, Betty Kit-Mei Wong and Judith Wong
  • Young children’s voices about their local communities
    Pauline Harris and Harry Manatakis
  • Looking back and looking forward: Exploring distributed leadership with Queensland Prep teachers (full free text available)
    Lyndal O’Gorman and Louise Hard
  • Becoming multimodal authors: Pre-service teachers’ interventions to support young children with autism
    Grace Oakley, Christine Howitt, Rebekah Garwood and Annie-Rose Durack
  • The New South Wales campaign for improved staff ratios for babies in centre-based ECEC (2002–2009): Influences on politicians’ decisions
    Kathryn Bown
  • Perceptions of rebates for nanny care: An analysis of an online discussion
    Susanne Garvis and Donna Pendergast
  • The leveraging influence of strategic alignment: What constitutes Early Childhood in current Australian policy debates?
    Eva Dobozy
  • Supporting breastfeeding through workplace, early childhood centre and family relations: Educators’ experiences
    Hilary Monk, Carole Gilmour and Helen Hall
  • ‘Perezhivanie’ in group settings: A cultural-historical reading of emotion regulation
    Marilyn Fleer and Marie Hammer

The complete issue of AJEC 1303 is available free online in PDF format.