AJEC Vol. 38 No. 4 December 2013

In this issue:

  • Editorial
    Lennie Barblett
  • The use of technology to facilitate music learning experiences in preschool
    Peter de Vries
  • Young children’s emerging understandings of the measurement of mass
    Andrea McDonough, Jill Cheeseman and Sarah Ferguson
  • How drawing can support writing acquisition: Text construction in early writing from a Vygotskian perspective
    Noella Mackenzie and Nikolai Veresov
  • Literacy and technology in the early years of education: Looking to the familiar to inform educator practice
    Karen McLean
  • A fine balance: Understanding the roles educators and children play as intentional teachers and intentional learners within the Early Years Learning Framework
    Nicole Leggett and Margot Ford
  • A trinity of saviours—parent, teacher and child: Human Capital Theory and early childhood education in New Zealand
    Margaret Stuart
  • Equity and quality: Challenges in providing early childhood educational opportunity in China
    Yu Qian
  • Teachers’ ratings of preschool children’s behaviour: Inter-teacher agreement and variation in their agreement
    David Arnold and Jennifer Dobbs-Oates
  • Documenting the transition experiences of children, families and staff through the relocation and integration of two Australian early childhood services
    Laura McFarland-Piazza, Sydnye Allen and Rachael Webb
  • Editorial–Themed Online Edition
    Sandie Wong
  • The Child Care Act 1972: A critical juncture in Australian ECEC and the emergence of ‘quality’
    Helen Logan, Jennifer Sumsion and Frances Press
  • Quality early childhood education for my child or for all children? Parents as activists for equitable, high-quality early childhood education in Australia
    Marianne Fenech
  • The rise of government in early childhood education and care following the Child Care Act 1972: The lasting legacy of the 1990s in setting the reform agenda for ECEC in Australia
    Susan Irvine and Ann Farrell
  • A snapshot of 40 years in early childhood education and care through oral histories
    Maryanne Theobald, Charlotte Cobb-Moore and Susan Irvine
  • ‘Herstories’: Using an historical lens to examine continuities and changes in early childhood teacher education
    Kay Whitehead and Susan Krieg

The complete issue of AJEC 1304 is available free online in PDF format.