AJEC Vol. 39 No. 1 March 2014

In this issue:

  • Editorial
    Margaret Sims
  • From your perspective: Black preservice early childhood education students share their stories
    Teresa Harris and Miemsie Steyn
  • ‘Belonging means you can go in’: Children’s perspectives and experiences of membership in Kindergarten
    Sarah Heinrich Joerdens
  • Asylum seeker and refugee children belonging, being and becoming: The early childhood educator’s role
    Marguerite Maher and Stephanie Smith
  • Children’s theorising about their world: Exploring the practitioner’s role
    Vicki Hargraves
  • Science learning affordances in preschool environments
    Marilyn Fleer, Judith Gomes and Sue March
  • Shared book reading by parents with young children: Evidence-based practice
    Susan Sim and Donna Berthelsen
  • Are we experts? Perspectives of Korean teachers on their careers in infant and toddler care
    Soyeon Park, Sungeun Yang and Su-Jeong Wee
  • ‘Time to ponder’: Professional learning in early childhood education
    Victoria Whitington, Sue Shore and Carol Thompson
  • Exploring the dance of early childhood educational leadership
    Susan Krieg, Karina Davis and Kylie Anne Smith
  • Lessons from a face-to-face meeting on embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives: ‘A contract of intimacy’*
    Jo Lampert, Bruce Burnett, Rebecca Martin and Lisa McCrea
  • Racism? Surely not
    Margaret Sims
  • The impact of new technologies on musical learning of Indigenous Australian children
    Sandra Kirkwood and Adrian Miller
  • Looking both ways: The intersection of road safety education and early childhood research
    Stacey Waters, Samantha Baker, Kaashifah Bruce, Helen Lindner and Emma Clarkson
  • Civil (dis)obedience: Understanding resistance and value in child care
    Yarrow Andrew

The complete issue of AJEC 1401 is available free online in PDF format.