AJEC Vol. 39 No. 4 December 2014

In this issue:

  • Editorial
    Fay Hadley
  • Is the care–education dichotomy behind us? Should it be?
    Margaret Sims
  • Pre-service early childhood educators’ leadership development through reflective engagement with experiential service learning and leadership literature
    Alexandra Diamond
  • Meeting the Australian National Quality Standards: A case study of the professional learning needs of early childhood educators
    Hannah Barber, Caroline Cohrssen and Amelia Church
  • A study of pre-kindergarten teachers’ knowledge about children’s mathematical thinking
    Jae-Eun Lee
  • Teachers’ beliefs and perceptions of quality preschool education in Bangladesh: A postcolonial analysis
    Mahmuda Shaila Banu
  • From forest preschool to Bush Kinder: An inspirational approach to preschool provision in Australia
    Sue Elliott and Barbara Chancellor
  • Insider perspectives on influence and decision making in the Australian political sphere: A case study of national quality policy in ECEC 2006–09
    Kathryn Bown
  • Mothers and fathers resourcing early learning and development
    Sue Nichols
  • Supported playgroups in schools: What matters for caregivers and their children?
    Karen McLean, Susan Edwards, Yeshe Colliver and Clare Schaper
  • The place of infants in the evolving Australian policy context
    Alma Fleet and Lynn Farrell
  • Encouraging reflective practice with future early childhood teachers to support the national standards: An Australian case study
    Narelle Lemon and Susanne Garvis
  • Pausing for learning: Responsive engagement in mathematics activities in early childhood settings
    Caroline Cohrssen, Amelia Church and Collette Tayler
  • Leading professional learning in early childhood centres: Who are the educational leaders?
    Kaye Colmer, Manjula Waniganayake and Laurie Field
  • Parents’ beliefs and evaluations of young children’s computer use
    Maria Hatzigianni and Kay Margetts
  • Habitus and the accomplishment of natural growth: Maternal parenting practices and the achievement of ‘school-readiness’
    Jennifer Podesta
  • Why mothers attend playgroup
    Bronwyn Harman, Moira O’Connor and Andrew Guilfoyle

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