AJEC Vol. 40 No. 2 May 2015

In this issue:

Susan Danby

Social capital in metropolitan playgroups: A qualitative analysis of early parental interactions
Hebba Gibson, Bronwyn Harman and Andrew Guilfoyle 

Optimising children’s readiness to learn through mediating social disadvantage: Exploring models of best practice
Anna Targowska, Susan Teather and Andrew Guilfoyle

Early childhood family learning environment’s influence on adolescent learning achievement in Taiwan
Chunn-Ying Lin and Cheng-Hung Chen

Young children’s social behaviour: A Singapore perspective
Margaret Anne Carter

Just another meeting?: Investigating mentoring for early childhood teachers in Victoria
Anne-Marie Morrissey and Andrea Nolan

Enabling change through education for children and their families experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage: The understandings of early childhood professionals
Wendy Roberts

Building the capacity of family day care educators to promote children’s social and emotional wellbeing: Results of an exploratory cluster randomised controlled trial
Elise Davis, Andrew Mackinnon, Lara Corr, Margaret Sims, Linda Harrison, Kay Cook, Helen Herrman, Cathrine Mihalopoulos, Kim-Michelle Gilson, Anna Flego, Rahila Christian, Bernie Marshall and Elizabeth Waters

The influence of a structured physical education plan on preschool children’s psychomotor development profiles
Hélder José Teixeira Costa, Cristian Abelairas-Gomez, Victor Arufe-Giraldez and Roberto Barcala-Furelos

Signs and codes in early childhood: An investigation of young children’s creative approaches to communication
Karen Guo and Noella Mackenzie


Online Annex

Towards an evidence base: Exploring the impact of community-based literacy programs in remote Indigenous communities
Helen Klieve and Bev Flückiger

Parents’ reported use and views of strategies for managing the behaviour of their preschool child
Monica Cuskelly, Michelle Morris, Linda Gilmore and Tracey Besley

Parents’ and children’s emotion regulation strategies in emotionally situated zones: A cultural-historical perspective
Feiyan Chen

Teachers’ versus parents’ perceptions of professionalism of early childhood teachers: A mixed-methods study
Tzuo, Pei-Wen, Yong, Foong Ling, Tan, Liang See and Liang and Jyh-Chong

A critical analysis of the Australian ECEC policy reform: An opportunity for transforming educators into pedagogical leaders?
Jasmine Kah Yan Loo and Joseph Agbenyega

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