AJEC Volume 40 Number 3 September 2015

In this issue:

Roslyn Heywood

Are there any unintended consequences of service integration to consider? A study of early years’ sector perspectives
Paul Harris, Jennifer Cartmel and Kym Macfarlane

Studying early brain development: Educators’ reports about their learning and its applications to early childhood policies and practices
Alexandra Diamond and Victoria Whitington

Intentional pedagogies: Insights from the past
Anna Kilderry

The role of the Educational Leader: Perceptions and expectations in a period of change
Alma Fleet, Rod Soper, Anthony Semann and Lorraine Madden

Infants of the productivity agenda: Learning from birth or waiting to learn?
Sandra Cheeseman, Jennifer Sumsion and Frances Press

Constructs of quality in early childhood education and care: A close examination of the NQS Assessment and Rating Instrument
Jen Jackson

A bird in the hand: Understanding the trajectories of development of young children and the need for action to improve outcomes
Collette Tayler, Daniel Cloney and Frank Niklas

Young children dancing mathematical thinking
Janice Deans and Caroline Cohrssen


Online Annex

Associations between Australian early childhood educators’ mental health and working conditions: A cross-sectional study
Lara Corr, Anthony D. LaMontagne, Kay Cook, Elizabeth Waters and Elise Davis

The construction of a taxonomy of early childhood educators’ work
Sandra Wong, Linda Harrison, Megan Gibson, Frances Press, Jennifer Sumsion and Annette Woods

Narratives of childhood in regional Western Australian towns: A trajectory of hope and collective wisdom for landmark reforms
Stefania Giamminuti, Marian Tye, Amma Buckley, Jane Merewether and Sonja Kuzich

The voice of the child in the early childhood education research in Australia and New Zealand: A systematic review
Qilong Zhang

Childcare staff and parents’ beliefs about quality care for infants/toddlers in centre-based programs in Singapore
Karuppiah Nirmala


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