Volume 40 Number 4 December 2015

In this issue:

Lennie Barblett

‘Better Beginnings has made me make reading part of our everyday routine’: Mothers’ perceptions of a family literacy program over four years
Caroline Barratt-Pugh and Mary Rohl

Strengthening Aboriginal child development in central Australia through a universal preschool readiness program
Bonita Moss, Helen Harper and Sven Silburn

Intergenerational collaborative drawing: A research method for researching with/about young children
Linda Knight, Felicity McArdle, Jane Bone, Tamara Cumming, Liang Li, Corinna Peterken and Avis Ridgway

How far have we come in respecting young children in our research? A meta-analysis of reported early childhood research practice from 2009 to 2012
Fiona Mayne and Christine Howitt

The Professional Leadership and Action Research Training Model: Supporting early childhood leadership
Elizabeth Stamopoulos

Children’s literature as an invitation to science inquiry in early childhood education
Karen McLean, Mellita Jones and Clare Schaper

The tensions between food choices and sustainable practices in early childhood centres
Wendy Boyd

The impact of free-choice motor activities on children’s balance control
Ella Shoval, Tal Sharir, Ester Zaretzky and Boaz Shulruf


Online Annex

The sleeping elephant in the room: Practices and policies regarding sleep/rest time in early childhood education and care
Sally Staton, Susan Irvine, Cassandra Pattinson, Simon Smith and Karen Thorpe

Grade repetition risk for boys in early schooling in Queensland, Australia
Robyn Anderson

Tolerance of food intolerance: A sociocultural study of parent perceptions on food, behaviour and learning in children aged between two and 14
Dianne Golemac and Leanne Hallowell

What do early childhood teacher graduands say about working with infants and toddlers? An exploratory investigation of perceptions
Susanne Garvis and Donna Pendergast

Defining ‘meaningfulness’: Enabling preschoolers to get the most out of parental involvement
Qilong Zhang


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