Lennie Barblett

Effects of an evidence-based intervention on the Australian English language development of a vulnerable group of young Aboriginal children
Isabel Brookes and Collette Tayler

The selection of ECEC programs by Australian families: Quality, availability, usage and family demographics
Dan Cloney, Collette Tayler, John Hattie, Gordon Cleveland and Ray Adams

Building pedagogical leadership knowledge in early childhood education
Janis Carroll-Lind, Sue Smorti, Kate Ord and Lesley Robinson

The pushes and pulls of pedagogy in the early years: Competing knowledges and the erosion of play-based learning
Lennie Barblett, Marianne Knaus and Caroline Barratt-Pugh

Tablet technology and cloud storage as evidence of pedagogic development in pre-service teacher education
Kate Highfield, Katey De Gioia and Rod Lane

Infant–toddler educators’ language support practices during snack-time
Sheila Degotardi, Jane Torr and Nga Thanh Nguyen

Noisy neighbours: A construction of collective knowledge in toddlers’ shared play space
Liang Li, Gloria Quinones and Avis Ridgway

The view from the helicopter: Examining the Australian early childhood workforce using the national Census of Population and Housing
Jen Jackson


Re-thinking professional development: Positioning educational documentation as everyday professional learning
Deborah Harcourt and Lesley Jones

Parent perspectives on the implementation of a digital documentation portal in an early learning centre
Amanda McFadden and Kerrin Thomas

Childcare educators’ understandings of early communication and attachment
Jessie Jovanovic, Chris Brebner, Angela Lawless and Jessica Young

Work ‘with’ me: Learning prosocial behaviours
Margaret Anne Carter and Carmel Ellis

Transition to school anxiety for mothers of children with food allergy: Implications for educators
Prathyusha Sanagavarapu, Maria Said, Constance Katelaris and Brynn Wainstein


The complete issue of AJEC 1604 is available free online in PDF format.