AJEC Vol.42 No.3 September 2017


Christine Howitt

Supporting early mathematics learning in early childhood settings
Marianne Knaus

Beyond the gates: Examining the issues facing early childhood teachers when they visit art museums and galleries with young children in New Zealand
Lisa Terreni

‘You can’t write that’: The challenges of written communication between preschools and schools
Kathryn Hopps-Wallis and Bob Perry

Predictors of unstructured play amongst preschool children in Australia
Bronwyn Harman and Craig Harms

Is New Zealand a world leader in early childhood education? An examination of the empirical evidence in recent reports
Ken Blaiklock

The National Disability Insurance Scheme: Administrators’ perspectives of agency transition to ‘user pay’ for early intervention service delivery
Alison M. Marchbank

Spaces for gender equity in Australian early childhood education in/between discourses of human capital and feminism
Sheralyn Campbell, Kylie Smith and Kate Alexander


Maximising advantage in the preschool years: Parents’ resources and strategies
Ciara Smyth

Interlocutor–child Interactions: Supporting children’s creativity in graphic-narrative-embodied play
Wan Yi Lee and Susan Wright

A thematic and content analysis of instructional and rehearsal procedures of preschool social emotional learning programs
Antoinette White, Marilyn Fleer, Angelika Anderson and Dennis William Moore


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