AJEC Vol.42 No.4 December 2017


Lennie Barblett

Trust, empathy and time: Relationship building with families experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage in early childhood education and care services
Wendy Roberts

What’s the story? Exploring parent–teacher communication through ePortfolios
Amanda Higgins and Sue Cherrington

Developing a ‘classroom as community’ approach to supporting young children’s wellbeing
Victoria Whitington and Elspeth McInnes

Engaging vulnerable children and families: Learning from a new model of education and care
Loraine Fordham and Anne Kennedy

‘I belong here; I been coming a big time’: An exploration of belonging that includes the voice of children
Selma Jo Wastell and Sheila Degotardi

Working with teachers’ pedagogical strengths: The design of executive function activities for play-based programs
Marilyn Fleer, Linda Harrison, Nikolai Veresov and Sue Walker

The Starting School Study: Mothers’ perspectives of transition to school
Cathy Kaplun, Sue Dockett and Bob Perry

Online Annex

Parental knowledge and use of the National Quality Framework in their child care decision making: Informed believers,
informed dismissers and indifferent disregarders

Amber Hinton, Sheila Degotardi and Marianne Fenech

All children have the best start in life to create a better future for themselves and for the nation
Jan Deans, Suzana Klarin, Rachel Liang and Erica Frydenberg

Civic action and learning with a community of Aboriginal Australian young children
Louise Gwenneth Phillips and Kerryn Moroney

Early childhood educator mental health: Performing the National Quality Standard
Lara Corr, Kay Cook, Anthony D. LaMontagne, Elise Davis and Elizabeth Waters


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