AJEC Vol.43 No.3 September 2018

Special Edition—AJEC Research Symposium

Sue Grieshaber

Rights, power and agency in early childhood research design: Developing a Rights-Based Research Ethics and Participation Planning Framework
Fiona Mayne, Christine Howitt and Léonie Rennie

Early childhood teachers’ perspectives of growth mindset: Developing agency in children
Fiona Boylan, Lennie Barblett and Marianne Knaus

Collaborative forum: An affective space for infant–toddler educators’ collective reflections
Gloria Quinones, Liang Li and Avis Ridgway

Photographic agency and agency of photographs: Three-year-olds and digital cameras
Lena O Magnusson

National Quality Standard in Schools: Leadership enabling power and agency
Lennie Barblett and Gillian Kirk

Helping communities improve child development outcomes: The importance of governance in the Kids in Communities Study (KiCS)
Rachel Robinson, Tammy Findlay and Geoffrey Woolcock

Sharing power with children: Repositioning children as agentic learners
Amelia Ruscoe, Lennie Barblett and Caroline Barratt-Pugh


The complete issue of AJEC 1803 is available free online in PDF format.