AJEC Vol.43 No.4 December 2018


Sun Jin

Enhancing social–emotional development through evidence-based resources
Antoinette White and Sue Walker

Supporting parents’ informed early childhood education and care choices through playgroups
Tina Stratigos and Marianne Fenech

Exploring sense of community among early childhood education and care professionals through the Supporting Nutrition for Australian Childcare (SNAC) website
Ruth Wallace, Leesa Costello and Amanda Devine

Evaluating the impact of teacher-designed, wellbeing and sustainability play-based learning experiences on young children’s knowledge connections: A randomised trial
Heather Morris, Susan Edwards, Amy Cutter-Mackenzie, Leonie Rutherford, Janet Williams-Smith and Helen Skouteris

Food allergy readiness and anaphylaxis management in early childhood education and care in Western Australia
Karina Hammershaimb Jacobsen, Ros Sambell, Sandra Vale and Amanda Devine

Researching Finnish early childhood teachers’ pedagogical work using Layder’s research map
Tuulikki Ukkonen-Mikkola and Elina Fonsén

The presence of pedagogy and care in leisure-time centres’ local documents: Leisure-time teachers’ documented reflections
Maria Hjalmarsson


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