AJEC Vol. 36 No. 2 June 2011

In this issue:

  • Reconceptualising play and learning in the lives of young children
  • Observing young children’s rough-and-tumble play
  • The relationship between symbolic play and executive function in young children
  • The inside story: Looking into early childhood teachers’ support of children’s scientific learning
  • Breaking the negative cycle: The formation of self-efficacy beliefs in the arts. A focus on professional experience in pre-service teacher education
  • Transition from long day care to kindergarten: Continuity or not?
  • Measuring what high-achieving students know and can do on entry to school: PIPS 2002–2008
  • Parents’ views about child sexual abuse prevention education: A systematic review
  • Cybersafety in early childhood education
  • Thinking of children: Democratic approaches with young children in research
  • Supervision and assessment of the early childhood practicum: Experiences of pre-service teachers who speak English as a second language and their supervising teachers
  • The exclusion of children with disabilities in early childhood education in New Zealand: Issues and implications for inclusion
  • A book reading intervention with mothers of children with language difficulties

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