AJEC Vol. 36 No. 3 September 2011

In this issue:

  • Curriculum guidelines for early literacy: A comparison of New Zealand and England
  • Korean children’s cultural adjustment during transition to the early years of school in Australia
  • Child participation in the early years: Challenges for education
  • Learning to measure length in the first three years of school
  • An analysis of New Zealand’s changing history, policies and approaches to early childhood education
  • ‘It’s a mystery!’ A case study of implementing forensic science in preschool as scientific inquiry
  • ‘I’m making it different to the book’: Transmediation in young children’s multimodal and digital texts
  • Evaluating the feasibility, effectiveness and acceptability of an active play intervention for disadvantaged preschool children: A pilot study
  • Early childhood teachers’ professional development in music: A cross-cultural study
  • Assisting infants to achieve self-regulated sleep: The KIDSCODE® Baby Process
  • A preliminary exploration of children’s physiological arousal levels in regular preschool settings
  • Equity of access: Requirements of Indigenous families and communities to ensure equitable access to government-approved childcare settings in Australia
  • Personal reflection on research process and tools: Effectiveness, highlights and challenges in using the Mosaic Approach
  • An exploratory investigation on the influence of practical experience towards shaping future early childhood teachers’ practice in the arts
  • Exploring and evaluating levels of reflection in pre-service early childhood teachers
  • Financial implications for parents working full time and caring for a child with chronic illness

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