AJEC Vol. 36 No. 4 December 2011

In this issue:

  • Moral and social development: Teachers’ knowledge of children’s learning and teaching strategies in the early years
  • Attachment theory and primary caregiving
  • Warning—Television viewing may harm your child’s health: Parent perceptions of early childhood viewing habits
  • What’s really going on? Parents’ views of parent support in three Australian supported playgroups
  • Multicultural education: The understandings of preschool teachers in Singapore
  • Easing the transition to school: Administrators’ descriptions of transition to school activities
  • Implementing children’s rights in early education
  • Australian family day care educators: A snapshot of their qualifications, training and perceived support
  • Play-based learning and intentional teaching in early childhood contexts
  • Domestic play collaborations in diverse family contexts
  • Multiliterate Star Warians: The force of popular culture and ICT in early learning
  • An online educational program for parents of preschool-aged children: Is it useable and functional?
  • How design of the physical environment impacts on early learning: Educators’ and parents’ perspectives
  • Response to Taylor: The full picture of the sexualisation of children debate
  • Play, language and social skills of children attending a play-based curriculum school and a traditionally structured classroom curriculum school in low socioeconomic areas
  • Fathers’ perceptions of rough-and-tumble play: Implications for early childhood services
  • How children’s collective interests influence their curriculum experiences: Developing relationships, differentiating by gender, and defying adults
  • ‘What happened to the babies?’ Disadvantage and advantage across 18 years

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