Contribute to AJEC

Given the multidisciplinary nature of the early childhood field, ECA welcomes submissions from a variety of perspectives. All AJEC submissions should provide a contemporary and informative contribution to the early childhood field.

For interested authors, it is recommended to look closely at the author guidelines before submitting a manuscript.

The submission process for AJEC is now run through our online portal system which has been created to ensure flexibility and ease when submitting a manuscript or reviewing a manuscript for our journal. When you are ready to submit a manuscript, email: and we will set a username and password for you.

With the new online portal system, it is important that all documents are saved and submitted in one document to provide a straight forward submission and review process.

ECA recognises the importance of ensuring the voices of leading academics and practices in the early childhood around the world are shared promptly and efficiently. Therefore, AJEC is published not only in hard copy but with an annex of articles online.

AJEC publishes peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of the education and care of young children, to impart new information and encourage the critical exchange of ideas among practitioners, academics and students in the early childhood field. Becoming an AJEC reviewer is a voluntary position and ECA both encourages and appreciates the work undertaken by our reviewers.

If you’re interested in becoming a reviewer, fill in the application form below and submit it to:

AJEC author, reviewer and mentoring guidelines: