Susan Nichols

The combined Bachelor of Education Early Childhood and Primary degree: Student perceptions of value

Cathie Harrison and Sarah Heinrich Joerdens

Childcare teachers’ attitudes toward the integration of care and education in Korea
Soyeon Park, Sungeun Yang and Margaret Sims

Play: Challenging educator’s beliefs about play in the indoor and outdoor environment

Nicole Leggett and Linda Newman

Young children’s learning of literacies in transnational and sociocultural contexts in families with immigrant mothers in Taiwan

Ching-Ting Hsin

Including playful aggression in early childhood curriculum and pedagogy

Jennifer L Hart and Michael C Nagel

Risk burden, participation in early childhood education and care, and child outcomes

Nicholas Biddle, Heather Crawford and Robyn Seth-Purdie

‘The color of heart is more important’: Korean kindergarteners exploring racial diversity through poem writing
So Jung Kim, Su-Jeong Wee and Youngmi Lee

Gender differences in early literacy and mathematics achievement and self-regulatory behaviours in the first year of school: An Australian study

Sue Walker and Donna Berthelsen

Online Annex

Enhancing the effectiveness of early childhood educators and researchers working together to achieve common aims

Rachel A Jones, Fay Gowers, Rebecca M Stanley and Anthony D Okely

Strategies that support kindergarten children’s social and emotional development: One teacher’s approach
Gillian Kirk and Judith MacCallum

Between the big trees: A project-based approach to investigating shape and spatial thinking in a kindergarten program
Caroline Cohrssen, Ben de Quadros-Wander, Jane Page and Suzana Klarin

Establishing agreement between parent-reported and directly-measured behaviours
Shannon K Bennetts, Elizabeth M Westrupp, Fiona K Mensah, Naomi J Hackworth, Jan M Nicholson and Sheena Reilly

Supported playgroups for health promotion activity for healthy eating and active living: A social ecological perspective
Beverley Lloyd, Kym M Buffett, Christine Innes-Hughes, Dianne Jackson, Jing Qi and Libby Powell



Australasian Journal of Early Childhood—Volume 42 Number 1 March 2017.

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