Grade repetition risk for boys in early schooling in Queensland, Australia

Robyn Anderson
James Cook University

A significant gap exists in the Australian literature in the disproportionate over-representation of boys in grade repetition in early schooling. The current study aims to contribute to the evidence-based research in grade repetition in early schooling in Australia by drawing on, and offering an analysis of, data from Queensland’s state education department, the Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE). Descriptive statistics and relative risk ratio were the methods employed to analyse the data and assess the relative risk of grade repetition for boys. Findings show that boys are over-represented in grade repetition in the year prior to schooling and in all year levels of early schooling (Prep to Year 3). Contributing factors to the disproportionate over-representation of boys in early grade repetition are discussed and recommendations for future policy and practice are suggested.

Australasian Journal of Early Childhood—Volume 40 No 4 December 2015

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