Tolerance of food intolerance: A sociocultural study of parent perceptions on food, behaviour and learning in children aged between two and 14

Dianne Golemac
Monash University

Leanne Hallowell
Australian Catholic University

This qualitative study focuses on the beliefs of parents who have investigated food intolerance in their children, and their perspectives on the behaviour and learning of their children when on a diet of food they can tolerate. It aims to provide further information to early childhood educators about food intolerance, its impact on families and how it may be managed in early childhood settings.

The participants in this study—parents of children with food intolerance—used self-reported journals and interviews to describe improvements in the health, behaviour and learning of their children when they ate food they were able to tolerate. They also believed that family relationships were better. They identified hardships in communicating food intolerance management with their extended families and with those responsible for the care and education of their children. An online discussion forum for people investigating food intolerance was also identified as a support.

Australasian Journal of Early Childhood—Volume 40 No 4 December 2015

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