Christine Howitt

Mothers’ perspectives on learning through play in the home
Yeshe Colliver

Giving voices and providing skills to families in culturally and linguistically diverse communities through a productive parenting program
Jan Deans, Rachel Liang and Erica Frydenberg

Parents’ satisfaction with kindergarten services in Beijing at a time of systemic expansion
Berenice Nyland, Beibei Pan, Brian Cooper, Chris Nyland and Xiaodong Zeng

Children voice their kindergarten experiences: A cross-cultural exploratory study in Korea and the US
Haesung Im and Elizabeth Blue Swadener

An analysis of young children’s engagement with single and group interview methods
Lesley-anne Ey

A Strengths Approach to supporting early mathematics learning in family contexts
Angela Fenton, Amy MacDonald and Laura McFarland

The effect of a learner-support intervention on perceptual motor skills of kindergarten learners from deprived environments
Annemarie Loubser, Anita E. Pienaar, Audrey Klopper and Suria Ellis

The shaping of Australian early childhood education and care: What can we learn from a critical juncture?
Helen Logan, Frances Press and Jennifer Sumsion


Recognition of family engagement in young children’s literacy learning
Linda Newman, Leonie Arthur, Kerry Staples and Christine Woodrow

Exploring the nexus between participatory methods and ethics in early childhood research
Anne Graham, Mary Ann Powell and Julia Truscott

‘When you give them a pencil they often say they’re writing’: Preschool teachers’ categorisation of written language work with toddlers
Sara Hvit Lindstrand and Polly Björk Willén

Written numeracy assessment in the early years: The challenges of pronouns and noun groups
Beryl Exley and Rebecca Trimble-Roles

The influence of a school readiness program on the language and phonological awareness skills of preschool children in rural areas of South Africa
Marike de Witt and Ansie Lessing

Australasian Journal of Early Childhood
—Volume 41 Number 1 March 2016

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